Trade Show

We are gearing up for ImageQuest 2011 –a summit-style Photography Convention. This

convention, the third in a five year plan, will be held at the River Rock Casino Resort in

Richmond, BC, March 20-22, 2011.

Digital technology has brought us: Megapixels, Histograms, Tone Curves, Highlight Clipping,

Shadow Clipping, DPI, PPI, HDR, FPS….. Now can we finally get back to why we came here in

the first place? It’s about the emotion, it’s about the beauty. It’s about the impact. It’s about the

inspiration. It’s about the IMAGE.

As a supplier to the photographic industry, the tradeshow at Image Quest 2011 will be a great

opportunity. We are reaching out to as many professional photographers as possible to bring them

to this year’s incredible event. That means attending delegates will be coming from reaches

beyond British Columbia.

Programs are planned with this broad scope in mind, bringing us a higher caliber group of

speakers than ever before, attracting delegates from all walks of the photographic industry. This

means a whole new, big group of potential buyers for YOU!

link to Application for Booth

Booth preliminary floor plans  – First Floor and Second Floor