Joe Buissink

Unlock the artist in you!!

Come on board this one of a kind workshop with Joe Buissink.  The Wedding photographer to the rich and famous will help you find/unlock ‘your passion’ and direct it in such a manner that you will ‘see and feel’ everything differently at a wedding.

Joe’s workshops are about ‘who we are’ when we go to the wedding, and what we can do to ‘see’ more in order to crystallize those moments in time that the bride and groom will relive years later.  Discover why we do what we do, and where we can take ‘IT’ once we tap into our passion.

In this inspirational seminar Buissink will also show you how to run a profitable business….  Some of the things you will learn:

  • The pitch, and the importance of establishing a relationship with your clients.
  • How to create fine art images that will improve sales and your clients’ perception.
  • Maximizing marketing opportunities, and add on sales.
  • An approach to book high-end weddings.
  • The art of album/book planning.
  • Understanding who you are, and how that knowledge can affect your work and your clients.

Joe’s Images